I have dropped twitter, google from my life from 2019. Facebook since 2014. After trying Masatdon for a bit, I have decided to embrace wordpress more fully. Slow, neutral, un-opinionated and more thoughtful media please. My brain has recovered from the constant hate fatigue, fear mongering and the bullshit senses are back.

What do social networks actually provide ?

  1. No hosting mess
  2. Simpler UI
  3. Discovery / Search
  4. Friend Feeds
  5. API
  6. Multiple media types
  7. Contact management

Mastadon can do 2, 3, 4, 6, 7. WordPress solves 1, 2, 5 and 6 but lets google do 3, email do 7 and RSS do 4. WordPress is IndieWeb. WordPress providing full text search across all its blogs and a friend feature could make it more like Mastadon.

Other indie web projects I am excited about,

  1. Owncast vs Twitch
  2. Peertube vs Youtube
  3. Lemmy vs Reddit
  4. Beaker p2p browser
P2P is better than federated. Federated still suffers from blacklist problem – whether it is email or mastodon. Federated is definitely better than blockchain. There’s also diaspora, signal, discourse, matrix, xmpp and IRC which are built on solid foundations. Reddit used to be open source but it is now closed. Perhaps individually seen IndieWeb seems small but WordPress  already powers a good chunk of the web. If you combine all the numbers and include forum software, static blogs as well, IndieWeb powers the majority of the web. Time to build a new p2p Google so that we can take discovery and search into our own hands!


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