After using windows as a dev environment for a month now it seems to be as good, if not better than the Mac and Linux. Apart from Cygwin you have MSYS, chocolatey, scoop. Virtualbox and WSL run fine. Python and Nodejs don’t need you to even touch the linux layers. Everything feels snappy.

C# is an excellent language and it is increasingly becoming indispensable because of Unity. I actually regret my java and linux years. Learning C# and C++ Directx, Qt would have made me a much better programmer in touch with the real world. MSDN is a great resource for programmers, something Linux seems to be lacking. For web development I could have used WAMP.

Powershell has its unique charm and it actually makes better command line usage than non-sensical command names. I remember using emulators, winamp, opera from back in the day and guess what, they can still be used! The backwards compatibility is unbeatable.

I still think windows can rule the mobile market by creating a handheld pc that uses a 5g. See

What seems to be missing in Windows is graphics accelerated XServer stuff. Another thing missing from windows is the notion of trust, that I had with using an Ubuntu or a Mac in terms of privacy. Windows defender and firewall seem alright for now. I hope they make windows XP open source, that would be a watershed movement. Is it possible to move to source available models that allow you to build trustworthy systems, but allow you to charge money for derivatives ?

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